Pantymel Buddig

Foaled :- 1992
Purchased :- 2002

Poppy is full sister to Pantymel Gruffydd stud stallion at Pantymel. She is a very elegant mare who moves beautifully. Unfortunately she's not too keen on showing!

Gredington Gruffydd
Gredington Simwnt Coed Coch Madog Coed Coch Seryddwr
Coed Coch Mefusen
Coed Coch Symwl Coed Coch Seryddwr
Coed Coch Sensigl
Revel Tiptoe Revel Crusader Bowlder Brewer
Revel Choice
Revel Trifle Brierwood Tom Thumb
Brierwood Treacle
Pantymel Sophie
Pentrecoch Pererin Coed Coch Planed Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Pelen
Collen Dyma Hi Gredington Seiron
Brierwood Little Lol
Persie Blossom Persie Concord Revel Pye
Revel Chase
Persie Bliss Revel Springbok
Revel Beryl

- Boothsdale Brudiwr - by Nantdwyll Barcud-ap-Bargen
- Year off!
2005 - Boothsdale Busy Lizzie by Swinford Sputnick
2006 - Year off!
2007 - Boothsdale Buddig by Nantdwyll Barcud-ap-Bargen
2008 - Boothsdale Balthazar by Swinford Highwayman
2009 - Boothsdale Brenin Aur by Nantdwyll Myrddin (Hoekhorst Stud, Holland)
2010 - Boothsdale Bethan by Criccieth Arwr
2011 - Boothsdale Butterfly by Criccieth Arwr
2012 - Boothsdale B? by Criccieth Arwr

Show record
2003 -
   1st Novice mare Oswestry
               2nd Nantwich
               2nd NCPA pony of the year
               4th Flint and Denbigh
2004 -     Unshown
2005 -     1st Warrington
               3rd NCPA Cheshire
               3rd Flint and Denbigh
               2nd NCPA pony of the year
Poppy has decided she has had enough of showing and is now gracefully retired!


August 2009


September 2006

September 2003

Hairy and muddy - March 2006

April 2005

May 2005 - having just been a real tart at Warrington show (but still won!)

April 2003 (with Sid @ 17hours!)