Boothsdale Buddig

May 2010

Foaled :- 25th April 2007
Sex :- filly

Polly is a lovely quality filly who just shouts "look at me!" She is a full sister to the very first Boothsdale foal (Brudiwr) and is very much a younger version of her mother.

Nantdywyll Barcud-ap-Bargen
Galchog Bargen Pentrecoch Pererin Coed Coch Planed
Collen Dyma Hi
Galchog Heini Galchog Amlyn
Pennant Honeysuckle
Nantdywyll Gwenol Gartconnel Salad Gartconnel Wyn
Betws Ser-y-Bore
Polaris Campion Coed Coch Gethin
Cemaes Lona
Pantymel Buddig
Gredington Gruffydd Gredington Simwnt Coed Coch Madog
Coed Coch Symwl
Revel Tiptoe Revel Crusader
Revel Trifle
Pantymel Sophie Pentrecoch Pererin Coed Coch Planed
Collen Dyma Hi
Persie Blossom Persie Concord
Persie Bliss

Show record
2008 - 
   4th of 15 NWAWPCS Youngstock
              4th Clwyd Youngstock
              1st Flint and Denbigh

2009 -    1st NWA Spring

2010 -    1st and Reserve Champion Muleberry (Qualified National Welsh Champs)

16th August 2009

14th June 2009


February 2009

August 2008


Photo July 2008 courtesy of Tigertotz photography 


(February 2008)


Photo at about 17hours!