Crumpwell Hayfa

31st July 2011

Foaled :- 2001

Hayfa was my graduation present from Mum and Dad. She is a really beautiful mare with short cannons, a lovely front and a beautiful head and eye. She really really moves.

Pendock Buttonhole
Twyford Juggler Twyford Puzzle Twyford Moonshine
Coed Coch Pwffiad
Revel Jem Revel Crusader
Revel Jewel
Pendock Bridesmaid Criban Brenin Cui Milord
Criban Old Story
Craven Ballerina Pendock Tocsin
Craven Golden Dawn
Crumpwell Hayley
Minsterley Pye Revel Pye Clan Pip
Revel Pinup
Maesbrook Lollipop Brierwood Fusilier
Brierwood Syrup
Crumpwell Heidi Carnalw Hyderus Rowfant Peacock
Carnalw Buddugol
Bengad Sundew Revel Cello
Littleworth Sunset

2009 - Boothsdale Hermione by Baledon Mozart
2010 - Left empty
2011 - Boothsdale Humphrey by Criccieth Arwr
2012 - Boothsdale H? by Criccieth Arwr

16th August 2009

16th August 2009

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