Boothsdale Dotyn

3rd May 2010

Foaled :- 18th April 2007
Sex :- Filly

Dotyn has made a lovely mare, she is a natural mother who does her foals well. Her first filly was exported to Holland and her second is just as nice.

Swinford Highwayman
Maesgwyn Playboy Maesgwyn Spinner Revel Humming Top
Maesgwyn Sonnet
Maesgwyn Penny Revel Janus
Twyford Penny
Maesgwyn Heulwen Revel Chelsea Cracker Revel Chelsea Fan
Revel Chelsea
Toptown Happy Morn Rondeels Pengwyn
Revel Heddiw
Criccieth Dorlen
Revel Provence Revel Humming Top Revel Centre
Revel Humming Bird
Revel Petra Revel Orange Pip
Revel Pavane
Tynffrwd Dorlen Revel Chip Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Myndd Bach Pearl Aston Neifion
Myndd Bach Ruby

Show record
2007 -
   5th Welsh National foal show
2008 -    3rd Glanusk
        -     2nd Warrington
2010 -    1st NCPA Shropshire

2011 - Boothsdale Dolly Mixture- filly by Criccieth Arwr (Rivendell Stud, Holland)
2012 - Boothsdale Dew Drop-
filly by Criccieth Arwr


 Photo courtesy of Gill and Chris Cook - Pleasure Prints (


(February 2008)