Boothsdale Dambuster

Foaled :- 17/03/2006
Sex :- Colt

Buster is a little star! He really is a cracking show colt. He has lots of presence and is a real showman. He has fantastic conformation with lovely limbs and a good length of rein. He will make a top class show colt and future stallion (or if gelded would be equally wonderful under saddle!)!

Swinford Highwayman
Maesgwyn Playboy Maesgwyn Spinner Revel Humming Top
Maesgwyn Sonnet
Maesgwyn Penny Revel Janus
Twyford Penny
Maesgwyn Heulwen Revel Chelsea Cracker Revel Chelsea Fan
Revel Chelsea
Toptown Happy Morn Rondeels Pengwyn
Revel Heddiw
Criccieth Dorlen
Revel Provence Revel Humming Top Revel Centre
Revel Humming Bird
Revel Petra Revel Orange Pip
Revel Pavane
Tynffrwd Dorlen Revel Chip Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Myndd Bach Pearl Aston Neifion
Myndd Bach Ruby

Show record
2002 - 
     2nd Sec A Foal Lancs Summer Medal Show (spent entire class on hind legs!!!)
                1st NPS Area 27
                Champion and 100 Brown Turner Supreme - NCPA Pony of the Year Show 

10th May (7 weeks)

10th May (7 weeks) - he has got a tail it just doesn't stay still for long!

10th May

8th April (3 weeks)

Approximately 6 hours old