Boothsdale DYMUNIAD

Foaled :- 2.15am 8th April
Sex :- filly

Dorey has given us another very special filly. Daisy for short, her posh name is Dymuniad (Wish) as she's everything I was hoping for.
In November 2009, at just 7 months, Daisy underwent colic surgery and was hospitalised for 3 weeks. Many thanks to Richard Owen and colleagues she came back home fighting fit - needless to say she is now extra special to us all!

Dyfed Prophet
Dyfed Playwrite Dyfed Geraint Revel Centre
Revel Gwen
Dyfed Playfull Revel Vodka
Snowdon Playfull
Dyfed Pollyanna Dyfed Scamp Revel Humming Top
Dyfed Sibli
Revel Parleyvoo Revel Centre
Revel Pavane
Criccieth Dorlen
Revel Provence Revel Humming Top Revel Centre
Revel Humming Bird
Revel Petra Revel Orange Pip
Revel Pavane
Tynffrwd Dorlen Revel Chip Clan Pip
Revel Choice
Myndd Bach Pearl Aston Neifion
Myndd Bach Ruby

Show record
2010 - 
     1st  Muleberry
                3rd Aberystwyth
                2nd Cheshire


August 2010

12th June 2010 (courtesy of Ray, Emarr Stud)

7th June (courtesy of Ray, Emarr Stud)

16th May 2009

9th April 2009