8th May 2011 - 20 years!

We were incredibly lucky to have Arwr on lease for 2009/10/11 and were very sad to wave him off to the Serock Stud in early June 2011. He left a lasting impression on all 3 of us not just because of the lovely stock he left us but also because he is such a lovely person. When I was offered the chance in Spring 2013 to buy such a special pony I had no hesitation and I am pleased to say he will end his days with us.

 Arwr needs no introduction - he is a previous RWAS Champion and Super Premium winner at Glanusk. He has sired some fantastic stock including Tiffwyl Mimosa, Criccieth Donna, Trehwfa Bethany and of course Criccieth Barcud who was previously resident at Baledon where he sired Baledon Miss Glamour Puss (champion at 2007 winter fayre).

Penual Mark
Revel Jeeves Bengad Parrotia Coed Coch Salsbri
Coed Coch Perot
Revel Jewel Revel Hailstone
Revel Jean
Penual Margo Twyford Sprig Coed Coch Asa
Revel Spring Song
Gurnos Maid Gredington Llewellyn
Gurnos Ballerina
Eden Willow
Hisland Hyderus Carnalw Hyderus Rowfant Peacock
Carnalw Buddugol
Hisland Pom Pom Revel Pye
Hisland Thimble
Eden Orbit Tyisha Caradog Monow Squire
Tyisha Kandice
Rowgardens Aurora Twyford Gurkha
Foxwood Skylady

Progeny (at Boothsdale)
2008 -   
2010 -    Disglerio, Bethan, Victor and Seren Fach
2011 -    Vanilla, Gunivere, Butterfly, Malteaser, Storm, Dolly Mixture, Dylan, Humphrey
2012 -    Dew Drop, Voltage, Hedwig, Diamond Jubilee, Borodin
2014 -    ???????

27th June 2010 (19 years young)


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