There are essentially 3 things involved in the foalcam system.

  1. A CCTV system that plugs into a normal TV.

  2. A computer "TV capture" device that accepts video input

  3. A service provider for the video feed

You obviously also need a computer, an internet connection and a website.

What we use:

  1. Voltek CTR251 wireless camera system. We got ours from IView Cameras  

  2. Hauppauage Win TV USB. We got ours from PC World

  3. Live video feed with

So that we can have the picture on the TV as well as the computer, we have a 2 into 1 phono adapter - Maplin item YW39N 2.19

Our cameras are currently wireless and suffer from interference. We are hoping to swap to wired cameras (which should improve picture quality) for 2009.